Graham Cracker and Broiler

JACKSON: Or take a graham cracker, spread a little [jam] on it, break up a chocolate bar, throw it in the broiler for a couple of minutes, and you’re gonna be singing show tunes all evening.

A graham cracker is a type of cracker which is made from coarse wholemeal flour and sweetened with honey; it is very similar to a digestive biscuit. Graham crackers were inspired by the teachings of the Rev. Sylvester Graham, who preached the importance of a wholefood vegetarian diet – one of the first vegetarian movements in the US. The crackers were first marketed to Graham’s followers, but he didn’t invent them or profit from them. They are now made by a variety of brands, and can also be home made.

A broiler is the American word for the grill on the top of the stove – in American usage, grilling means the heat comes from below, while broiling means the heat is coming from above.

So if you would like to try out Jackson’s recipe, take a digestive biscuit, spread a bit of home made raspberry and peach jam on it, cover it in a broken up chocolate bar, and pop it under the grill for two minutes until the chocolate melts.

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