“The lead singer of Blur”

RORY: You swear? On the life of the lead singer of Blur?
LANE: On the soul of Nico, I swear to you that I have not seen Dean with another girl.

The lead singer of the rock band Blur is Damon Albarn (born 1968), an English singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. Blur’s 1991 debut album was Leisure, and they received critical acclaim for Modern Life is Rubbish (1993), Parklife (1994), and The Great Escape (1994), while their 1997 self-titled album brought them mainstream success. Blur went on hiatus in 2003, but reunited in 2009, and are still recording.

Damon Albarn founded the virtual group Gorillaz in 1998, and released their self-titled debut album in March 2001, to worldwide success. That was about two months before this episode aired, but it’s not clear whether Lane and Rory have heard of it.

The singer Nico, one of Lane’s favourite musical artists, if not her her very favourite, has been earlier discussed. Lane swears on Nico’s soul to make it clear how very serious she is – Nico is obviously more valued by her than Damon Albarn.

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