Milk and Cookies

LUKE: It’s just a little weird having her [Rachel] in my place.
LORELAI: I thought that’s what you wanted.
LUKE: It was. Is. I’m just … I’ve just been living alone since forever. And I just got used to putting the milk someplace in the fridge and finding it in the exact same spot. You know what I mean?
LORELAI: Oh, we don’t even keep milk in the house.
LUKE: Well, then cookies.
LORELAI: Cookies almost never make it out of the car.

Luke admits that having Rachel back in his life isn’t what he thought he wanted – even he notices that he puts wanting her in the past tense before quickly correcting himself.

It is absolute nonsense that Lorelai and Rory don’t keep milk and cookies in the house. We have often seen both in their kitchen, and the milk is especially needed because they drink so much coffee.


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