“We should get married”

MAX: We can’t keep getting this close, just to have something completely derail us again. And frankly there’s only one thing I can think of that could solve it.
LORELAI: Break up.
MAX: Ugh.
LORELAI: Well, I’m not interested in a murder-suicide kind of thing.
MAX: We should get married.

With the honeymoon period already fading, Lorelai and Max are back to squabbling. Max picked up that there was something between Luke and Lorelai (it seemed as if Luke was just about to confess his feelings to Lorelai before Max came in). Then Lorelai got jealous that Max dated other women while they were apart, and told him that she had sex with Rory’s father on her parents balcony.

When Max says only one thing can solve it, Lorelai immediately suggests that they break up. But what Max has in mind is marriage. The fact that the next option on Lorelai’s list was murder-suicide (suicide always seems to be the default option to relationship problems) shows that she was not ready for this at all.

Lorelai says that Max’s proposal was not romantic enough, and only offered as a way to stop them from fighting. She doesn’t mention that they have only been dating a very short time (about three weeks) since they reunited, and that their relationship is based on little more than physical attraction and sexual compatibility. These would be factors of more concern.


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