“Sample invitations”

RORY: Oh, I printed up some sample invitations for you. I made them on my computer.

It’s two weeks until the wedding, and Rory is only just now printing up sample invitations. That doesn’t seem a lot of time for the invitations to be printed, mailed out, and replied to.

It probably doesn’t matter for the Stars Hollow crowd, who know everything without being told, and have no doubt had the date circled on their calendars for weeks – in their case, an invitation is little more than a formality. But it does seem very inconvenient and rather selfish towards Max’s family, some of whom will be travelling a long distance for the wedding.

The sample invitations Rory shows Lorelai are white A4 pages, which look too large and undecorative to be wedding invitations. Perhaps the samples are printed within the A4 pages, and the real invitations will be printed up on coloured and decorated paper.

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