The Gilmore Girls and Max

Lorelai and Rory treat Max abominably while he is a guest in their house. He cooks dinner for them, they force him to watch a movie of their choice, talk all the way through it, and don’t allow him to participate, and he has to answer the phone, even though it’s their home, and they are sitting closer to it (Lorelai explains the coffee table is blocking her path, and Rory that her foot has gone to sleep).

You can see that Lorelai and Rory sit next to each other on the floor, leaving Max alone on the sofa – not exactly a great omen for their future marriage. Also note that they have once again left most of a meal uneaten on their plates, even though they are supposed to be big eaters. Maybe it’s all the vegetables Max put in the dish?

If this weekend is a trial run for their future lives together, Max must surely be having some misgivings about that. It does show that Rory has learned how to treat her boyfriend (horribly) by her mother’s (terrible) example.

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