The Gospel According to Jesus Christ

This novel is on the coffee table when Max, Lorelai and Rory watch a film together.

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ is a 1991 novel by Portuguese author José Saramago. The original title is O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo, and it was first published in English in 1994. It’s a fictional re-telling of the life of Jesus Christ, presenting him as a flawed, very human character filled with physical passions and spiritual doubts. Although controversial for its criticisms of God and Christianity, it was praised by critics.

It is interesting to speculate whose book this actually is. It doesn’t seem like the type of book Rory usually reads, and neither she nor Lorelai appear to have much interest in religion. It feels like Lorelai’s book, and a comment on her slowly discovering that Max is likewise only human, and not all that her personal mythology made him.

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