“You’ll get used to it”

RORY: Aren’t you happy?
LORELAI: Yes. I’m happy.
RORY: Well, then it’ll be fine. You’ll get used to it, having Max there.
LORELAI: I know. You’re right. I will. I will get used to it.

Lorelai has a freak out once Max is actually in her bed, in her house, and fears that she will completely lose the life she currently has. More importantly, she fears losing the “me and you secret special clubhouse no boys allowed” relationship she has with Rory.

Rory refuses to participate in Lorelai’s worries about how their life might change, and insists that she likes Max, and Lorelai will be fine about it too once she calms down. It is not clear whether she really has no concerns about adding Max to their household, or she refuses to be used as an excuse by Lorelai to end her relationship with Max.

Lorelai cannot return to bed with Max, and ends up sleeping in Rory’s bed for at least part of the night. This is a callback to how Lorelai and Rory shared a bed for a year or two when Rory was a baby/toddler, showing Lorelai’s need for bodily comfort from Rory, and a return to the complete physical closeness they had at the beginning of their relationship in Stars Hollow.

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