Max and Lorelai Fight Over Keys

On the morning after their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties, Max comes to see Lorelai at the inn saying that he has to drop his printer off at Lorelai’s house. Rory isn’t home, and Lorelai still hasn’t given Max his own set of keys.

She has apparently promised before to sort out the key situation, and Max is annoyed that it still isn’t done, and it’s less than a week before they are married. Max, who seems to have understood all the red flags correctly, wonders if Lorelai doesn’t want him to have his own keys, or doesn’t want him in her house.

Max snaps at Lorelai that she needs to think about someone other than herself for more than five minutes a day (which is correct, but breaks the #1 rule of actually being Lorelai Gilmore, or any Gilmore, really). The gloss has definitely come off this particular relationship, and Max seems to be having serious doubts about it, or at least is wondering if Lorelai has serious doubts.

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