Rory Expresses Concern Over Lorelai

When Lorelai gets home from work at the inn, Rory says that she got a call from a Christopher that day, and she knows that Lorelai rang him from her bachelorette party. She wonders why Lorelai would have used her bachelorette party to phone Christopher, and why Lorelai would have let them think she was actually calling Max at the time. Lorelai pleads drunkenness.

Rory lets Lorelai know that she only wants her to be happy, and questions whether she truly is happy to be marrying Max. Lorelai doesn’t answer directly, only saying, “Don’t I look happy?”. Rory’s careful response seems to imply that she is also having doubts about Lorelai’s wedding to Max, or wonders if Lorelai is having doubts.

Both Max and Rory have left an opening for Lorelai to say what is on her mind, and Christopher has given her a list of reasons to dump Max as “unworthy”. It can only be a matter of time before Lorelai breaks.

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