Der Wienerschnitzel

LORELAI: Where’s his dad?
LUKE: Oh well, the great prize that my sister picked up at a Der Wienerschnitzel left her about two years ago, whereabouts unknown.

Wienerschnitzel is an American fast food chain specialising in hot dogs (even though the name refers to crumbed veal, which the restaurant has only served a few times). It was founded in 1961 as Der Weinerschitzel (which is grammatically incorrect as a German phrase). Although the name was changed in 1977, many older customers still use the original name.

Wienerschnitzel is predominantly located in California, which suggests that Luke’s sister Liz met her son’s father there, and that she and her son have been on their own for two years. It is worth noting that this back story changed during the course of the show.

3 thoughts on “Der Wienerschnitzel

  1. Loving that you came back to do more of these, I had no idea what Der Wienerschnitzel was. While the timeline obviously changed, it would make sense if they met at a hotdog place, or Jimmy worked at one at some point, as he owns one when Jess goes to visit him. Dante’s Inferno, so we can only assume he went through hell to get it.


    1. I have to look up … practically everything! You can’t guess it sells hotdogs from the name. But I love that in a show that ignores continuity so often, they stuck with the hotdogs. And yes, great call on the name … and maybe that it’s hot as hell working there!


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