“He’s been getting into some trouble”

LUKE: Well, ’cause apparently he’s been getting into some trouble and Liz is afraid he’s heading for something bad, and rather than handle it herself, she’s just giving up. She’s sending him here so I can straighten him out.

LORELAI: Right. So what kind of trouble has he gotten into?
LUKE: Ah, just kid stuff, you know, staying out late, getting rowdy. I don’t know exactly.

The exact nature of the “trouble” Luke’s teenaged nephew was getting into was never made explicit in the show, so that the characters were free to imagine it for themselves.

Luke optimistically guesses that his nephew has been getting up to trouble in an almost boyishly wholesome way that could have come straight from the pages of Tom Sawyer. Lorelai immediately assumes that the kid is fresh out of juvenile detention and most likely has a criminal record.

Whether either are right, or whether the nephew’s misdemeanours are somewhere between these marks, is something the viewer is free to decide for themselves.

5 thoughts on ““He’s been getting into some trouble”

  1. Jess does a few borderline-illegal things a couple of episodes later, probably in line with his previous record of “trouble”. He created an art installation outside of Taylor Doose’s store (the dead body chalk outline/ “crime scene”.) He engaged in fisticuffs with scruffy peers, (or as he described them, “pugilistic” activities). He destroyed the fancy snowman. He acted a bit of the rude punk at times, and helped himself to beers from the refrigerator of his gracious dinner host Lorelai. In spite of these “crimes”, I am / was a fan of Jess. It is my hope that he and Rory do end up together. I imagine them happily raising the baby mentioned at the end of A Year in the Life. Cheers!
    *Raising a cup of Luke’s coffee*


    1. We’ll be getting to some of Jess’ “crimes” very soon! (They start almost immediately!).

      That’s a nice thought about Jess, although I feel he deserves better than that, really!


      1. Yeah, Jess deserves to be happy and treated well. It seemed that a lot of his teen angst was caused by parental shortcomings. At least Luke was a good uncle to him. Rory was flailing in AYITL, but imagine if somehow she were able to finally grow into the best version of herself, (IDK, via therapy or something,) I think she could be an excellent partner and friend.


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