This is Hell

Jess leaves Luke, after the briefest tour of their living quarters, refusing to say where he is going. For Luke, this must remind him of Liz, who was always “off doing God knows what”. Slightly worryingly, Jess claims he doesn’t need keys to get in, suggesting Lorelai’s idea of him as a petty criminal may not be so wrong.

He steps outside the diner to be confronted with a typically charming Stars Hollow street scene. Townsfolk carry sheaves of wheat to the harvest festival in the park, while volunteers decorate lamp posts with garlands of autumn leaves. In the bright sunshine, happy couples stroll together, families walk in harmony, children skip merrily.

Yet this song by Elvis Costello plays, with the lyrics, This is hell, this is hell/I am sorry to tell you/It never gets better or worse/But you get used to it after a spell/For heaven is hell in reverse. Stars Hollow in early autumn looks like heaven, but to Jess, it is a season in hell.

The song is from Costello’s critically acclaimed 1994 album, Brutal Youth.

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