Elvis Costello

RORY: I’m hanging out with Lane tonight … Yeah, we have some serious CD listening to do. We’re way behind on all the Elvis Costello reissues coming out.

Elvis Costello, professional name of Declan MacManus (born 1954), Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter and record producer, previously mentioned.

Beginning his career in the pub rock scene of 1970s London, and later associated with punk and new wave, Costello’s critically-acclaimed debut album My Aim is True was released in 1977. His first three albums are listed on Rolling Stone’s Greatest of All Time; Armed Forces (1979) contains his highest-charting single, “Oliver’s Army”, which went to #2 in the UK. Elvis Costello is known for his clever lyrics, and music drawing on a diverse range of genres. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

In real life, only Elvis Costello’s first album, My Aim is True, was re-released in 2001. The next big re-issue of his eleven albums to that point didn’t occur until 2006. Unless Rory is simply lying to Lorelai, she and Lane are listening to all Elvis Costello’s albums thus far in preparation for the major re-issue they assume, or have heard, is coming soon.

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