Lorelai’s Musical Guilty Pleasures

Rory teases Lorelai about some of her other musical guilty pleasures.

The Bay City Rollers

A Scottish pop group known for their teen idol popularity in the 1970s. They’ve sold more than 120 million records worldwide, and their biggest hit is Bye, Baby, Baby, from 1975. It’s never confirmed that Lorelai ever actually liked them, and Rory seems to mention them as a trick to get Lorelai to confess her real guilty pleasure.

Duran Duran

Previously discussed.

Olivia Newton-John

Born 1948, British-Australian singer, songwriter, and actress. Four-time Grammy Award winner with five #1 songs, she has sold 100 million records worldwide. Her biggest hits include I Honestly Love You (1974) and Physical (1981). In 1978, she starred in the musical film Grease, previously mentioned, whose soundtrack remains one of the most successful in history. In 1980 she starred in the musical film Xanadu, which was a box-office disappointment and panned by critics, but has become a cult classic (is this the reason Lorelai likes her?).

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