Lorelai’s Teenage Posters

There are four Duran Duran posters on the wall in Lorelai’s childhood bedroom, in the scene where Lorelai and Rory talk. Duran Duran are an English new wave band formed in 1978, with their classic line up being Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor, and Simon le Bon. Their first album came out in 1981, and they found mainstream success by 1984. They are most famous for their 1980s hits such as Hungry Like The Wolf, Rio, and The Reflex.

There is a large Echo & The Bunnymen poster over the bed. Echo & The Bunnymen [pictured] are an English post-punk rock band founded in 1978, with the original line-up being Ian McCulloch, Will Sergeant, and Les Pattinson. Their first album came out in 1980 to critical acclaim, and they found mainstream success by 1983. Although a hit in the UK, they were not so well known in the US in the 1980s, perhaps suggesting that despite her Duran Duran mania, teenage Lorelai’s musical knowledge was a cut above her peers.

One wonders why Emily has left the posters up, or why Lorelai has asked that they be left up – her comment that time has stood still in the room makes it sound as if she hasn’t up here since she left home, which seems a bit unlikely. It is almost as if Emily has kept Lorelai’s (eerily untouched) room like a shrine, as if she died rather than ran away as a teenager.

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