“Hey, did you look up angina?”

SOOKIE: That woman [Fran] is gonna live forever.
LORELAI: Not necessarily. Hey, did you look up angina? I forgot to.
SOOKIE: Yeah, it’s nothing major.

Why would Lorelai need to look up angina? Her own father has it! Is she so selfish she’s just forgotten about that, or never bothered to find out what angina is? Or did the writer (Daniel Palladino) simply ignore the events of Forgiveness and Stuff (written by John Stephens)?

Sookie isn’t really correct that angina is “nothing major”. It doubles the risk of a cardiovascular event, and that risk rises with increasing age. For an elderly person, it can be of serious concern, and in fact Fran does die from a heart attack in a future season. Richard Gilmore also has a heart attack later on, and eventually dies too.

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