TAYLOR: When Mrs. Lanahan couldn’t buy her head of lettuce that morning for her lunch, she drove straight to Woodbury to buy lettuce from a competing market.

Woodbury is a small town in Litchfield County, Connecticut of about 9000 people, around ten miles from Waterbury, which is the nearest big town. In the Gilmore Girls universe, Woodbury is posited as the nearest town to Stars Hollow, and portrayed as something of a rival town (the Mount Pilot to Stars Hollow’s Mayberry).

In real life, Woodbury is about ten miles from Washington Depot, as if to underline that this is the inspiration for Stars Hollow, even though it contradicts other information, such as being half an hour’s drive from Hartford. However, if we placed Stars Hollow the same distance away in the other direction, roughly where Waterbury is, this would make it half an hour’s drive to Hartford, and also put it on the I-84 and the bus route from New York to Hartford.

So this is a bit of geographic information that actually makes quite a bit of sense (of course often contradicted by various geographic impossibilities!).

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