Rory’s Basket

A small plastic container of disgusting-looking, potentially very old leftovers

A can of Hansen’s soda (Rory’s favourite brand, she’s always shown drinking it)

Can you believe this went for $90, and Sookie’s was snapped up for $35? There’s no justice. Could it also be saying that Jess is overestimating Rory’s value, or that he’s going to pay too high a price for her?

It’s almost as if Lorelai and Rory’s baskets are trolling the town, because they could have bought something nice from a restaurant, like Lane did, and Sookie would have happily given them something decent to take.

They’re saying, “Sure, you can enjoy our wonderful company. But we won’t cater to your needs in any way, or give you false expectations that providing edible food is something that will ever happen”.

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