“Aw shucks, Pa”

SHERRY: Mm hmm. Well, you were very poised up there, very sure of yourself, just like your dad.
CHRISTOPHER: And your mom.
LORELAI: Aw shucks, Pa.

Aw, shucks is an informal American exclamation, expressing self-deprecation or a pleased embarrassment at being praised by another, as if modestly declining the compliment. It is considered to be unsophisticated, folksy, and probably rather dated.

Lorelai’s comment sounds very much like a reference to The Andy Griffith Show, previously discussed. In the show, Opie Taylor (played by Ron Howard), is the young son of the town sheriff, Andy Taylor (played by Andy Griffith), who Opie called “Pa”. Many of their interactions ended with Opie saying, “Aw shucks, Pa”.

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