“Nothing of value, nothing of substance”

LORELAI: I don’t understand, Michel. You and your mother seem to have the perfect relationship.

MICHEL: Yes, because I tell her nothing. We keep all subjects light and fluffy. We talk about clothes and food and Posh Spice and David Beckham and that is all. Nothing of value, nothing of substance.

A warning to Lorelai that her “perfect relationship” with Rory likewise only works on the most superficial level. Like Michel and Giselle, their “best friends” act revolves around fashion, food, and pop culture – it’s all getting coffee, watching movies, and eating snacks together. Once anything serious comes up, they can have quite serious arguments, and even fights.

Rory actually keeps a lot from Lorelai – she hasn’t discussed her changing feelings about Dean, or her efforts to understand her feelings about Jess, for example. As Rory gets older, there will be more and more things she keeps to herself, until there is a complete rift between mother and daughter.

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