“My car hit the bench”

RORY: Right. Um, Taylor, listen, I just wanted to apologize to you … About the other night. You know, my car hit the bench that had your brand new Doose’s Market sign on it and I know how much that sign meant to you and I’m just so, so sorry that it was ruined.

Even though the footage showed Rory and Jess driving around with a lot of traffic on their way back from getting ice cream, we now discover that the actual accident occurred in Stars Hollow, when they were nearly home (where most car accidents are said to happen). We also learn that when Jess swerved to hit the small furry animal, he ended up hitting a bench on the sidewalk, which had an advertisement for Doose’s Market on it.

Despite footage clearly indicating that Rory and Jess were out on a busy road, I think we are supposed to believe that they were only driving around Stars Hollow.

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