“He’s not much of a morning person”

LORELAI: Hey, what’s with Narcoleptic Nate over there?

[Jackson, who is leaning against the counter with his eyes closed, moans]

SOOKIE: He’s not much of a morning person.

Slightly unbelievably, Jackson, a market gardener, isn’t much good in the mornings, and needs at least an hour of sitting around semi-comatose in his pyjamas before he wakes up. Shouldn’t he be getting up at dawn every day for work? I feel as if market gardeners are, by the nature of their profession, early risers, especially in spring. You can’t just wander in at 9.15 am with a cup of coffee, saying, “Wow traffic was really bad this morning, huh?” to the tomatoes.

Note that Jackson is wearing his pyjamas with his own photos on them, a callback to “Secrets and Loans” when they caught Jackson in his pyjamas previously, and they learned his cousin has a printing business putting photos on items.

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