“We added the votes up”

Madeline and Louise have been busy polling a cross-section of students to find out if they are voting for Paris. Madeline is quick to say that Louise added the votes up, not her, which Paris approves. Obviously Louise is much better at Math than Madeline. Sometimes it feels as if the show can’t decide whether Madeline or Louise is the “dumb one” out of the two.

It’s bad news for Paris, as the students overwhelmingly say they think Paris is the best candidate, but they won’t vote for her because they don’t like her, and find her scary. Paris immediately decides she needs “nice Rory” to soften her image.

Why do people keep thinking Rory is nice and sweet? She’s currently nursing an injury due to a car accident because she recklessly let the town bad boy drive her car, she just went to see him in New York behind her boyfriend’s back, she thinks it’s okay to steal, treats fat people as entertainment, she can sometimes be mean to her best friend, and let’s not forget that whole “retarded kid” comment. There’s a whole other side to Rory that people just refuse to see. She is, in fact, flawed and human! Not a Disney princess.

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