List of Kirk’s Jobs (Up to Season Two)

Weekday Jobs

DSL installer for an internet company (under the name Mick)

Assistant manager at Doose’s Market

Delivery person for Gabby’s Flower Shop

Before Normal Business Hours Jobs

Mobile mechanic (unclear if self-employed or working for the garage)

Termite inspector for unknown business

Weekend Job

Swan delivery person for unknown business

Night Job

Video rental clerk at Stars Hollow Video

Occasional Events

Revolutionary War battle re-enactor (volunteer position)

Photographer for town events (probably unpaid)

One-Off Events

Event coordinator for Lorelai and Max’s engagement party (probably unpaid)

Server at the Bracebridge Dinner for the Independence Inn

Filmmaker, work shown at Movie Night in the Town Square (unpaid, a hobby)

Failed Attempts

Wedding photographer (Lorelai’s wedding to Max didn’t go ahead)

Sales clerk at Sophie’s Music Shop (persistently applied to no avail)

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