List of Festivals and Celebrations in Stars Hollow (Up to Season 2)

Bid-on-a-Basket Fundraiser/Festival (Sunday after Valentines Day?)

Firelight Founders Festival (third Friday in March)

Arbor Day tree planting (last Friday in April)

Movie Night in the Square (first Thursday in May)

Independence Day (July 4th)

Harvest Festival (first weekend after Labor Day weekend?)

Halloween (October 31st)

Autum Festival (first weekend in November)

Battle of Stars Hollow (November 10th)

Christmas Pageant/Festival (two weekends before Christmas Day)


Teen Hayride (September)

Double twin wedding at the Independence Inn (October)

Wake for Cinnamon, Babette and Morey Dell’s pet cat (October)

Birthday party for Rory Gilmore (October)


Petfinder Pet Fair (January)

Rummage Sale Raising Funds for the Old Bridge (February)

Stars Hollow Elementary School Play (March)

Stars Hollow Fire Brigade Fundraiser (April)

Engagement Party for Lorelai and Max (June)

Bracebridge Dinner at the Independence Inn (December)


Unveiling of the new uniforms for the high school basketball team (January)

Rory Gilmore named Citizen of the Month (February)

Buy a Book Fundraiser – possibly in aid of the town library (March)

Veteran’s Funeral and Wake for Louie Danes (April)

Sookie and Jackson’s Wedding (May)

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