Music at the Baby Shower

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

A 1986 song by Wang Chung, previously discussed, from their album Mosaic. It reached #2 in the US, #76 in the UK, and was most popular in Canada, at #1. The song has been included on numerous compilation records, and still gets radio airplay in the US.

Who’s That Girl?

One of the “generic jazz” songs. It’s performed by Chris White and Danny Schogger. Chris White is an English saxophonist who has performed with Dire Straits, Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Bryan Ferry, Paul McCartney, and Mick Jagger. Danny Schogger was the producer on his only solo album.

Baby Face

Previously discussed. Rory sings karaoke to the song. Every time she gets to the word “baby,” the women gesture for her to leave it out so she doesn’t lose her diaper pin. Rory manages to sing every note wrong.

Finger Snap

One of the “generic jazz” songs. It’s by Chucho Merchán, the professional name of Colombian jazz and rock bassist and guitarist Jesús Merchán, from his album Jazz. He has performed with artists such as The Eurhythmics, The Pretenders, Thomas Dolby, George Harrison, Peter Townsend, Dave Gilmour, and Everything But the Girl.

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