Theme from Rocky”

RORY: And ooh, I told him about how when Kirk wins, he likes to take his victory lap around the floor to the theme from Rocky.

The theme from the film Rocky, previously discussed, is called “Gonna Fly Now”. It was composed by Bill Conti, with lyrics by Carol Connors and Ayn Robbins, and performed by DeEtta West and Nelson Pigford.

Released in 1976 with the movie, it became part of 1970s popular culture, after the film showed the main character Rocky Balboa running up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art then raising his arms in a victory pose as this song plays. The song is often played at sporting events, especially in Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team play the song before the opening kick-off of every home game. The song is often used in film and TV when a character has to train hard for something.

The song went to #1 on the US charts, while a jazz version and two disco versions also charted. It was the #21 song of 1977.

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