I overslept”

PARIS: Sorry I’m late, Mrs. Savitt.

MRS SAVITT: Is everything okay?

PARIS: Yes. I overslept.

In “The Deer Hunters”, Rory turned up a few minutes late for class after being hit by a deer, and all hell broke loose. There was a serious suggestion made that Rory might not be suitable for such a strict school as Chilton. Now Paris wanders into class late without any reasonable excuse, and it’s no big deal. The show could never really decide if Chilton was a big, scary, super strict school, or just a normal prep school.

4 thoughts on “I overslept”

  1. Rory was scheduled to take a test in “The Deer Hunters”. That probably accounts for the difference. In my experience, not unusual for teachers to not allow a student to take a test if he or she is late.


    1. Another difference is that Paris is a senior and been at the school right from the start of her education, while Rory was a new student and a sophomore.


      1. I must have expressed myself badly. I’ll start again.

        In Season 1 (2000), Rory and Paris were both sophomores, but Rory was a new student at the time she was refused a test after arriving slightly late.

        Now, in Season 3 (2003), two years later, Rory and Paris are both seniors when Paris is allowed to be quite late to class.

        So I was saying that at the time of her severe reprimand, Rory was a sophomore and a new student, and at the time Paris was late, she is a senior and has been at the school for several years – another difference between the two situations.


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