“You’ve been up twenty-four hours straight”

RORY: I feel jet-lagged.

LORELAI: You’ve been up twenty-four hours straight.

Um, no. The dance marathon began at 6 am on Saturday and finished at 6 am Sunday (earlier actually, as Kirk won some time before 6). It’s now Monday morning, so where did Sunday go? Everyone acts as if the marathon just finished an hour or so ago, but an entire day is missing from the timeline here. Maybe the whole town went into a collective coma after the marathon and they all lost a day.

2 thoughts on ““You’ve been up twenty-four hours straight”

  1. I’ve always just thought that they probably slept away a lot of the Sunday which made it hard to go to sleep Sunday night. So come Monday morning they’ve probably been up almost all night and the funky sleeping pattern is a fact.


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