Rory Takes Off Her Bracelet

[Lorelai finds the bracelet that Dean made for Rory on the dresser]

LORELAI: Oh wow. I guess this means there really isn’t a Dean any more, huh?

RORY: Yeah, that and it broke in the shower this morning. Though I probably would’ve taken it off anyway.

When Lorelai finds Rory’s bracelet made for her by Dean on the dresser, she realises that Rory and Dean really have broken up and aren’t getting back together this time. Even though Rory says that it broke in the shower that morning, she says that she probably would have removed it herself anyway. In fact, she wasn’t wearing it at Friday night dinner the previous week, so it seems as if she had actually stopped wearing it almost immediately after breaking up with Dean.

This leads to a discussion between them about Jess, with Lorelai snarking about him, and Rory asking if Jess is always going to be demonised by Lorelai. Lorelai does not pretend to be thrilled about Jess, and admits she felt Rory was safer with Dean (I don’t think Rory always felt perfectly safe, but Lorelai never seems to think about that). However, she is willing to endure Jess for Rory’s sake, and says Rory and Jess won’t be forever, anyway.

The Amazing Kreskin

LORELAI: The way you survive a road trip with my mother is to make sure you have all your bases covered, leave nothing to chance. Never give her the opportunity to give you a thirty-minute lecture on how, if you’d brought the second bathing suit like she told you to, it wouldn’t have mattered that the first one’s strap broke in a freak pool slide incident that no one, including the Amazing Kreskin, could’ve predicted, you would’ve been covered.

The Amazing Kreskin, previously discussed.

Tacos and Tortillas

RORY: We like tacos …

LORELAI: “With homemade tortillas, it elevates this fast finger food to the level of haute cuisine.”

A taco is a traditional Mexican food consisting of a small corn-based or what-based tortilla topped with a filling then folded around the filling, and eaten by hand.

Corn (maize) tortillas are a thin, unleavened flatbread that have been made in Mexico since prehistoric times, although it was the Spanish who gave them the name tortilla (“little cake”). The Nahuatl word for them is tlaxcalli, meaning “something baked”. Wheat-based tortillas developed in northern Mexico, and are often associated with California, since it was once part of the Mexican Empire. In North America, most tortillas are made from wheat.

Common taco fillings include beef, pork, chicken, seafood, beans, vegetables, and cheese, and they can be topped with condiments such as salsa, guacamole, or sour cream, and garnished with vegetables such as lettuce, onion, tomatoes, and chillies. The meaning and origin of the word taco has been much debated.


LORELAI: Anyhow, I looked through it and it just so happens that one of the best taco places on the East Coast is ten minutes from campus … [reads] “You haven’t had a taco until you’ve spent some time at Hector’s, crisp and meaty … not greasy”.

There isn’t a taco place called Hector’s in New Haven, but there’s a popular Mexican restaurant called El Carpintero run by a guy named Hector in Burbank, Los Angeles – across the street from Warners Bros and much frequented by people who work there. This seems so suspiciously similar that I think it must be the inspiration for the fictional Hector’s in New Haven.

Luke’s Dating Rules

When Rory is in the apartment, the door has to remain open

Rory and Jess are only allowed in the middle part of the apartment (the living area), not the end parts (the sleeping areas)

They must sit on separate seats, they cannot share the sofa

On weekdays, Rory must be home by 9 pm. On weekends, home by 11 pm.

Any evidence of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, and they will only be allowed to see each other with an adult present


LUKE: What was going on up here?

JESS: Nothing.

LUKE: Nothing? I walk in here and the two of you are like shrapnel.

Shrapnel, the common term for fragments of an artillery explosion (technically not quite correct, but good enough for our purposes). Luke means that Rory and Jess sprung apart when he came in like a bomb exploding in several directions at once.

Luke was so keen to see Jess and Rory together, but the minute he actually finds them just about to kiss, he freaks out. What did he think two eighteen-year-olds were going to do alone together?