Richard’s Invitation to Rory

RICHARD: You know, you might wanna come with me next week … To Yale … Oh, I don’t mean to the dinner, that would be boring for you, but you might enjoy seeing the school … Your mother could come too. It would be a fun little adventure … We could drive down, have a little roadside snack, get there about noon. Have a little tour, and then the two of you girls could go off and have fun, and the old folks can have a somber little dinner. I think you’d love to see it. I certainly would love to show it to you.

While in the kitchen together, Richard takes the opportunity to privately invite Rory to Yale University, to take a tour of the university. He couches this is in terms of them having a fun day out together, and him wanting to share his alma mater memories with Rory, but of course he’s hoping she might be persuaded to apply to Yale.

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