Rory Confronts her Grandfather

RORY: Why did you make this appointment without telling me about it? … I know it was an important opportunity. That’s why I can’t believe you didn’t prepare me for it. I didn’t have my transcripts, my letters of recommendation. I couldn’t even remember what I wanted to major in when he asked … I didn’t have to be that nervous. I could’ve been calm. I could’ve brushed my hair. I never would’ve worn this … It matters to me. I like to be prepared. This has nothing to do with Mom. If you had really wanted me to take this meeting, I would’ve done it just because you asked me to. And I would’ve done it right.

Rory is also very unhappy with Richard because of the way he sprung the interview on her. Rory hates feeling unprepared, needed to have all her records with her, and would have made more effort with her appearance if she’d known the interview was coming up. She lets Richard know that if he’d only asked her, she would have willingly attended the interview if he’d asked her to, it wouldn’t have mattered what Lorelai thought. But she disliked being tricked into it, and the fact that Richard didn’t trust her enough to be honest. Rory leaves with Lorelai in the taxi as a sign of her displeasure.

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