An Invitation to the Birth of Georgia

RORY: I have been cordially invited to Sherry Tinsdale’s C-section … [reads from invitation] Friday, February seventh, six o’clock p.m. Join the girls for a toast, a hug, a wave to the mommy as they wheel her off, dinner at Sushi Sushi, and then back to the hospital for a formal viewing of brand-new baby Georgia. RSVP at your earliest convenience. P.S. Gifts are not necessary, but always appreciated.

I am stunned to inform you that the 7th of February reallly was a Friday in 2003, meaning that the writers of the show have somehow managed to find a calendar (maybe on the wall, maybe on their computer), and we are now getting real world dates in the show! Pretty exciting stuff.

Internal evidence tells us that the date in this scene is either Saturday the 25th January or Sunday 26th January. Unfortunately, that cannot be tallied with the number of Friday Night Dinners we’ve had, and we are already three weeks behind schedule. At this rate, Rory will be graduating in August.

Sushi Sushi does not exist in Boston, although there are many sushi restaurants there in the real world.

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