Billy Carter

PARIS: Even if I was the Billy Carter of the family, the name is still supposed to carry some weight.

William “Billy” Carter (1937-1988), the younger brother of President Jimmy Carter, previously discussed. At the time his brother was running for president, Billy developed a colourful image as a beer-drinking Southerner in the press.

During his brother’s presidency, he ran a gas station, and was the spokesperson for Peanut Lolita liqueur; in 1977, he endorsed Billy Beer. He was known for his outlandish public behaviour, once urinating on an airport runway in full view of the press and dignitaries.

In 1978 and 1979 he made visits to Libya, was registered as a foreign agent of the Libyan government, and received a loan of $220 000. However, a CIA agent claimed he had actually received $2 million from Libya. This led to a Senate hearing on alleged influence peddling which the press named Billygate, leading President Carter to publicly disassociate himself from his brother during his presidency.

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