“Spitting in your palm and shaking hands”

RORY: Plus Paris decided to let me split the debate time with her.
LORELAI: Wow! [pause] Wait, why am I wowing?
RORY: Because splitting debate time with Paris is like doing that whole “spitting in your palm and shaking hands” friendship oath thing.

Spitting in your palm and shaking hands is a common way to seal a deal between children (and certain adults), less dangerous than a blood oath, but still conveying a very serious bond.

Roller Disco

LANE: I’m gonna get a soda, anybody want anything?
LORELAI: Yes, the night of my 14th birthday back so I can right the green-hot-pant-roller-disco outfit wrong.

A roller disco is a skating rink where the dancers wear roller skates to move to disco music (or any modern dance music). The concept originated in the 1970s and peaked around 1980, although they are still held now as retro entertainment.

Lorelai’s 14th birthday was in 1982, so she was already slightly behind the trends when she chose her roller disco outfit (it actually fits better with Amy Sherman-Palladino’s 14th birthday in 1980). It’s not clear whether her birthday was celebrated at a roller disco, or she just thought it would be a good outfit to wear to her party. Let’s hope the first one.

“You didn’t wake me up”

LORELAI: Hey, you didn’t wake me up.
RORY: I set the clock.
LORELAI: Yes, but see the clock stops ringing once I throw it against the wall giving me ample time to fall back to sleep, you however never stop yapping no matter how hard I throw you, thus ensuring the wake up process.

Time for another oversleeping story in the Gilmore household. It’s more understandable this time, as they would have got to bed very late after the concert.

Kodak Moment

RORY: The concert was amazing.
LANE: Forget about the concert. I wanted to see Lorelai pull those idiots out of that guy’s apartment.
RORY: It definitely was a Kodak moment.

The Eastman Kodak Company (known as Kodak) is an American company which produces imaging and photography products; it was founded in 1888 by George Eastman and Henry A. Strong. It was the dominant photography brand during the 20th century, having 90% of the market in the 1970s.

Kodak’s marketing tagline is “A Kodak moment”, which has passed into everyday slang to mean “a special moment worthy of being captured by a photograph”. Kodak Moments is now the name of Kodak’s photo app for smartphones.

Lorelai Finds Madeline and Louise

LORELAI: Hey. I am not even going to begin to tell you how completely insane it is to take off with anyone you don’t know, or drink things that you don’t know what’s in them, or act like you have a clue when you don’t, but so help me God if you ever pull a stunt like this again, it will not be around my kid! Do you understand me?

Any illusions Madeline and Louise might have had that Lorelai was a “cool mom” who would buy them booze and let them mess around with older guys they just met is instantly dispelled in this scene. Lorelai is not naive about what young men might do in this situation, and basically tells them that they could have been date raped if she hadn’t come after them.

Most of all, Lorelai cannot tolerate Rory hanging out with girls who might lead her astray or get her into danger, so we know that Rory’s friendship potential with Madeline and Louise is now greatly reduced. It becomes obvious in this episode that Paris is Rory’s destined best school friend, as she isn’t boy-crazy, enjoyed staying at the concert with Rory, and clearly respects Lorelai.

“If I was missing”

PARIS: I wonder if I was missing if my mom would come looking for me like that.
RORY: Paris, you know she would.
PARIS: Yeah, or at least she’d send somebody.

Paris grows ever more impressed with Lorelai during this episode, admiring her tenacity in being prepared to knock on every apartment door until she finds the right one, and Lorelai’s obvious motherly concern for Madeline and Louise.

Jess and Sean’s Apartment Building

When the scene cuts to the exterior of Jess and Sean’s apartment building, sharp-eyed viewers will notice it is the same one used for Monica’s apartment building in the sit-com Friends. In real life, this building is at 90 Bedford Street, on the corner of Grove Street in Greenwich Village, and two college students could only live there thanks to rent control – just like Monica and Rachel.

The Good Witch

LORELAI: Think fast [throws them a tee-shirt each]. Tee-shirts for all the girls because I’m the Good Witch of the – hey, aren’t you missing a couple of kids?

Another reference to The Wizard of Oz, earlier discussed. In the film, Glinda the Good Witch of the North (Billie Burke) welcomes Dorothy to Oz, gives her the ruby slippers, and sends her to the Emerald City to find the Wizard of Oz. It is also Glinda who helps Dorothy get home to Kansas. She is a rather glamorous and bountiful mother figure, which seems to be how Lorelai sees herself (and she does help/force Madeline and Louise to get home safely).

“Waverly and First”

Madeline tells Rory and Paris that she and Louise have been asked to a party “on the corner of Waverly and First” by Jess and Sean, the boys they picked up at the concert. This is apparently just around the corner from the concert venue.

Waverly Place is in Greenwich Village, not far from New York University, suggesting that Jess and Sean are students there. In real life, there is no point where Waverly Place crosses with First Avenue, although it does cross with Fifth and Sixth. It is very possibly a deliberate error.