Hanson and The Bee Gees

RORY: How did I meet Taylor Hanson?
LORELAI: You went to his concert, you got backstage, your eyes met across the crowd, and you’ve been seeing each other ever since.
RORY: Hanson’s still together?
LORELAI: They’re the new Bee Gees.

The American pop band Hanson was formed in 1992 by three brothers: Isaac, Taylor, and Zac; at the time, Isaac was eleven, Taylor was nine, and Zac was six. They are best known for their 1997 massive hit MMMBop, from their debut album Middle of Nowhere. At the time Lorelai was talking about Hanson to Rory, they had just released their second album in 2000, and toured in summer and fall (when Rory could have hypothetically attended one of their concerts). In 2001 they moved to their own independent record label and were working on their next album, which was released in 2004 – this might explain why Rory is surprised to hear that Hanson are still together (they still are, and toured in 2017).

The Bee Gees [pictured] were a British-Australian band formed in 1958 by three brothers: Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb; at the time, Barry was twelve, and twins Robin and Maurice were nine. You can see why Lorelai makes a parallel between The Bee Gees and Hanson. The Bee Gees had a long career, and were highly successful in the 1960s and ’70s, especially in the disco era, and sold more than 220 million records, making them one of the best-selling musical acts of all time. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. By 2012, both Robin and Maurice had died, leaving Barry as the only surviving member.

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