Munich Beer Hall Rally

EMILY: She was the clomper … She’d be upstairs making the beds and it’d sound like a Munich beer hall rally.

Emily refers to the Beer Hall Putsch, or Munich Putsch, a failed coup d’état by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, and other leaders in the city of Munich in 1923, during the Weimar Republic. Approximately two thousand Nazis marched on the Feldherrnhalle (a monument to honour the Bavarian army), but were confronted by police which resulted in the deaths of 16 Nazi Party members and four police officers.

Hitler was eventually arrested and charged with treason. The putsch (coup) brought Hitler to the attention of the German nation for the first time and generated international headlines. His arrest was followed by a widely publicised trial, which gave him a platform to express his nationalist sentiments to the nation.

Hitler was found guilty of treason and served 9 months in prison, where he wrote Mein Kampf. Once released, Hitler redirected his focus towards obtaining power through legal means rather than by revolution or force, and accordingly changed his tactics, further developing Nazi propaganda.

Emily has combined or conflated this with the Nuremburg rallies, celebratory events coordinated by the Nazi Party. They played a seminal role in propaganda events, conveying a unified Germany under Nazi control.

Emily seems to have the same habit as Lorelai, referring to people she dislikes or who have displeased her as Nazis.

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